Ways to make money from fitness. 

“There’s money to be made in this here fitness world. You know, the kind that DOESN’T involve you starving yourself and posing on stage in a speedo.  According to fitness trainer and youtuber Chris Jones (CEO of PUMPCHASERS) he breaks down in his latest YOUTUBE video several ways you can make money in the fitness world.  

Whether you’re destined to be a personal trainer with a mission to help others reach their body goals, or you’re simply just a gym rat trying to brand his/herself by selling your brands merch to get your name out there. Chris Also explains how a LOT of people getting into this field may get misconstrued by thinking once they get that body building pro card that they’ll start seeing millions of dollars roll in based off of that pro card. When in reality,  some of the most successful and wealthiest people in the fitness world are not even body builders, they’re  either personal trainers or promoters.  Basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s going to take you grinding, hustling, and putting in hours of hard work promoting your brand to get your name out there in order to be successful in the fitness  world. 



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This past week I came up with a challenge, a dieting challenge that is. For five consecutive days I challenged people to go outside of their comfort zones. To switch up their daily eating routine for more healthier selections.This was not only a challenge to test your mental but your physical as well. I wanted to see who could dedicate themselves to go five days without consuming any SUGAR or BREAD.  To keep track of the ones who accepted the challenge I had them to post their meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) onto my Facebook timeline and tag me in the post, hashtag no sugar no bread. 


The challenge turned into a giveaway simply because I was so proud of the ones who took the time out to not only accept the challenge, but to be consistent with their meal post. So as a reward, on the 5th day I raffled off a $30 gift card to a restaurant of their choice (well there were four restaurant choices on the card). The feedback that I got from this challenge has encouraged me to make more fitness and health challenges to see who is willing to go the extra mile and take time out of their day to switch up what’s considered “normal” to them. Think of it this way, if a serious medical condition was to happen to you suddenly causing you to have to switch up your normal daily routine could you adapt to the changes? Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. See how far you can go with the right coaching and will power. Go to failure and shoot for the stars. It’s OK if you miss, you’ll land on the moon. LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE, REPP LIFE.  

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